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8 Great Indie Running Tracks

Here is a 35 minute workout playlist of (mostly) alternative music. I went for a run today to this and it works pretty well as a motivator!

1. Owl City: Alligator Sky

I’m not going to pretend that Owl City is high art, but he is at least trying by reaching into rap. Despite his fondness for noun+noun absurdism, his music  music has a certain charm to it and this one has a great ‘reach for the stars, you can do it!’ message. And this track doesn’t even have the melody from Cave In that he’s been recycling since Ocean Eyes.

2. The Decemberists: The Infanta

Melodies rhapsodical and fair… Jog along to that lovely rolling drum beat that makes you constantly feel that something awesome is just around the corner. And do your vocabulary a favour in the mean time.

3. Gorillaz: Stylo

Love, electricity, shockwave central, power to the motherboard yes! Push-up overload, legendary heavy glow, sunshine, thunder roll, keep this on…

Can’t get enough of that bass line. It really pushes you along.

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a great rocky tune from the beautifully edgy Karen O & Co.. It’s a bit slower than the others, so it’s good for pacing.

5. The Naked and Famous: All of This

It’s got a great 80s beat to pound the pavement to and a few nice rises and falls that just makes the whole rhapsodic experience rather epic.

6. Sufjan Stevens: Come On! Feel the Illinoise!

Jazz beats, vibes and brass really make this thought-provoking tune quite perky. It’s a long song, which helps to bulk it out time-wise, and has rather refreshing slower section towards the end.

7. Janelle Monae: Cold War

Like much of Monae’s music, this is a thought-provoking track with exploring Otherness and challenging its listeners to think: do you know what you’re fighting for? It also has a very fast drum machine behind it.

8. The Temper Trap: Science of Fear

A great rocky one, it’s about a car that lost its breaks and is running downhill straight for a crash. Brruuummmm.


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